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Introducing New Portable Storage Sizes

Introducing New Portable Storage Sizes BlueBox introduced two new sizes to our portable storage solution this year, 8’ x 12’ and an 8’ x 8’. The different sizes are great for smaller moves and/or small renovation projects. Maybe you are moving out of your apartment, there isn’t enough room in the complex, and you don’t have a safe & secure…

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How does portable storage work?

What is Portable Storage? Portable storage provides a perfect balance between convenience and efficiency. The unit is dropped off then you load the unit at your own pace. After the unit is filled, it is taken to the location of your choice, either to your new residence or our secure warehouse to be stored. Our offloading system allows the unit…

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What’s the difference between portable storage and self-storage?

When looking for additional storage, it can be overwhelming deciding where to store your items. Whether you are moving, downsizing, or storing inventory, it’s important to find the right type of storage. There are two main storage solutions, portable storage and self-storage. You can save yourself money and hassle if you understand which solution is best for your needs. Portable…

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