How To Safely Pack A Large Mirror For Moving

Oct 24, 2023 | Moving Tips

Moving can be a daunting process, especially when it involves delicate and valuable items such as large mirrors. At BlueBox, located conveniently in Salem, Redmond, Portland, and Bend, we understand the challenges and are here to help.

Mirrors are not just decorative or functional items; they hold significance far beyond their aesthetic appeal. They can be storehouses of memories, bear sentimental worth from events or loved ones, and even have substantial monetary value, especially if they are antiques or custom pieces.


Understanding the Fragility of Mirrors

Mirrors, by their very nature, are fragile items. Their delicate nature demands utmost care during the moving process.

  • Risks: A slight mishandling can lead to the mirror cracking or shattering. Such breakages not only mean the loss of the mirror but also pose safety hazards from sharp edges and scattered glass pieces.
  • Edge Vulnerabilities: The edges of mirrors are especially vulnerable. A bump or a nick can lead to larger cracks, compromising the integrity of the entire mirror.


Essential Packing Materials Needed

To safely transport mirrors, you’ll need to invest in some specific packing materials. These materials will ensure that your mirror remains intact and reaches its destination without any mishaps.


High-quality packing paper or bubble wrap

Importance of cushioning: Cushioning is crucial to protect the mirror’s surface and back. High-quality packing paper or bubble wrap will act as a buffer against shocks and vibrations during the move.


Sturdy cardboard or mirror boxes

Importance of fitting boxes to mirror dimensions: A box that closely matches the dimensions of your mirror will prevent it from moving or shaking inside. This ensures that the mirror is snugly fit and safe.


Packing tape, markers, and corner protectors

  • Protection: Use packing tape to seal the boxes securely, ensuring no dust or external elements can harm the mirror.
  • Labeling: Markers are essential to label the boxes, especially to indicate that they contain fragile items. This alerts anyone handling the box to be extra cautious.
  • Handling Guidance: Corner protectors offer an added layer of protection, especially for the vulnerable edges of the mirror.
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Step-by-Step Guide to Packing Your Mirror

Preparing the workspace

Importance of a clutter-free space: Before you begin packing, ensure you have a spacious and clutter-free workspace. This minimizes the risk of accidental damage and allows you to work efficiently.


Wrapping the mirror

Methodical layering, attention to edges and corners: Begin by placing the mirror on high-quality packing paper or bubble wrap. Carefully wrap it, ensuring extra padding on the edges and corners, which are especially vulnerable.


Boxing the mirror

Ensuring snug fit, using additional cushioning if needed: Once wrapped, place the mirror inside a sturdy cardboard or mirror box. Ensure it fits snugly and use additional cushioning materials, if necessary, to prevent any movement inside the box.


Sealing and labeling the box

Importance of clear labeling for care during handling: Securely seal the box using packing tape. Clearly label it with “FRAGILE” and “HANDLE WITH CARE” using markers to alert movers of its delicate contents.


Moving Day Tips: Transporting Your Packed Mirror

Handling with care

Proper techniques to lift and carry: Always lift the mirror box using your legs and not your back. Carry it upright, and never lay it flat to minimize pressure on the glass.

Positioning in your BlueBox

Where to place the mirror for maximum safety: Place the mirror box between sturdy objects that won’t shift during transport. Ideally, position it upright against the side of the BlueBox and secure it with straps to prevent movement.


Trust the Experts: BlueBox

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Moving and packing mirrors is an art—one that requires meticulous care, understanding, and expertise. The value of a mirror goes beyond its monetary worth; it represents memories, emotions, and sentiments. At BlueBox, we understand this significance and bring our expertise to ensure a safe and seamless moving experience.

If you’re planning a move and want to ensure the utmost care for your valuables, don’t hesitate to reach out to BlueBox. Let us help make your move smooth and stress-free.