What Size Portable Storage Container Do I Need?

Sep 15, 2023 | Moving Tips

Choosing the right size portable storage container is crucial. You neither want to overspend on unnecessary space nor find yourself short of space midway. This guide is designed to help you in deciding the right storage container size tailored to your needs.



How Much Space Do You Need?

To determine the space you require, consider the following questions:

  • Do you live in an apartment?
  • Do you reside with family members (spouse, kids, grandkids)?
  • What is the number and size of items you wish to store or move?
  • What do you intend to store?
  • Do you have sufficient driveway or outdoor space for the container?

The space required will largely depend on your home size and the volume of items to be stored. Below are some general guidelines:


Container Size Recommendations

# of Rooms Box Size
1 Room (approximately 500 square feet) 8′ x 8′ Portable Storage Container
2-3 Rooms (approximately 700-900 square feet) 8′ x 12′ Portable Storage Container
3-4 Rooms (approximately 1,000-1,200 square feet) 8′ x 16′ Portable Storage Container


Remember, these are general guidelines. You might need a different size based on your unique requirements.



Comparison of Storage Containers, Storage Units, And Rental Truck Sizes:

Portable Storage Container Moving Truck Storage Unit
8′ x 8′ Portable Box 10′ Moving Truck 5’x10′ unit
8′ x 12′ Portable Box 15′ Moving Truck 10’x10′ Unit
8′ x 16′ Portable Box 20′ Moving Truck 10’x15′ Unit



Tools to Help You Determine Space Requirements

1. Measuring Tape

This is your most fundamental tool. Ensure it’s long enough to measure larger rooms and furniture pieces. Measure your space and compare with our container dimensions provided above.


2. Measuring Apps

Online calculators can help you compute your room’s square footage by inputting dimensions. There are various smartphone apps to help.


Measure by Google (Android)

Description: This augmented reality (AR) app allows users to measure real-world objects and spaces. The app uses the phone’s camera and AR capabilities to create measurements.


    • Measure the length and height of objects on flat surfaces.
    • Save measurements to review later.
    • Take photos of measurements to share with others.

Availability: Android devices with AR capabilities.

Measure by Apple (iOS)

Description: Similar to Google’s version, Apple’s Measure app also employs AR technology to determine the dimensions of real-world objects.


    • Automatically detects rectangular objects for quick measurements.
    • Provides a level tool to check if objects are straight.
    • Save and share measurements.

Availability: iOS devices with ARKit support.

Smart Measure (Android)

Description: Smart Measure uses the trigonometry of your phone’s camera angles and height to estimate the distance and height of a targeted object.


    • Measure distance, height, width, and area.
    • Provides a sound measure for more distant objects.
    • Multiple tools like a compass, vertical meter, distance meter, and more.

Availability: Primarily Android, but similar apps with this functionality might be available on iOS.

Moasure (Android & iOS)

Description: Instead of using AR, Moasure uses the phone’s built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes to measure distances.


    • Measure by “moving” your device from one point to another.
    • Can measure length, width, height, angle, and even circular data.
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor measurements.

Availability: Both Android and iOS.

AR Ruler App (Android & iOS)

Description: This app uses AR to measure objects and distances, making it similar to Google and Apple’s native apps but with additional functionalities.


    • Measure linear sizes in cm, m, mm, inch, feet, and yard.
    • Calculate total area and volume.
    • Offers a leveling tool.

Availability: Both Android and iOS.



3. Use a Household Inventory List

If you have an inventory, sum up the total square footage of your items to estimate storage space You can use a free calculator like this.



We’re here to help!

Regardless of your storage needs in, our BlueBox team is here to guide you. Our experts can recommend the right storage container size based on your moving type and items to store. We aim to provide a customized plan to meet your needs. Get in touch here or call us at: (971) 707-4830.