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Moving Tips

20 Moving Day Tips for 2022

If you’re starting to feel anxious about your big move, you’re far from alone. According to recent research, many people consider moving to be more stressful than starting a new job, getting a divorce, or even becoming a parent! Of course, there are plenty of...

Moving Day Tips
Moving Tips

How to Store a Mattress

Did you know that some mattresses can last up to 10 years without needing replacement? However, your mattress might only last that long if you take good care of it, and that means storing it the right way when you need to. Many people think that mattresses are...

Moving Tips

How to Declutter Your House Before You Sell

Introduction Decluttering your home before you sell can be overwhelming, but it is key in preparing your home for potential buyers. When people view your home, they are trying to picture themselves living in it. This means they are looking for ample living and...

Portable Storage

Introducing New Portable Storage Sizes

Introducing New Portable Storage Sizes BlueBox introduced two new sizes to our portable storage solution this year, 8’ x 12’ and an 8’ x 8’. The different sizes are great for smaller moves and/or small renovation projects. Maybe you are moving out of your...

Portable Storage

Winter Storage Tips & Tricks

Introduction The transition between seasons can be overwhelming when it comes to storing all of your summer items. As the seasons change, so does your need for your lawnmower and patio furniture. Keeping those items in their best condition can be challenging in the...