Tips for Moving with a Toddler

Nov 28, 2022 | Moving Tips

Moving day isn’t a joyous time for most people, but parents of toddlers face even more challenges.

Toddlers, or children between one and three years old, don’t have the best reputation for being great travel companions. Moving is stressful and confusing for adults, so just imagine how your little one feels!

However, moving with a toddler does not have to be difficult if you are savvy about your strategy.

We share some of the top tips for moving with a toddler.


Make Them Part of the Process

One big challenge of moving with a young child is giving them enough attention and autonomy. Keeping them occupied while you’re preparing is the key to your sanity and theirs.

Let Them Pack Up Some of Their Belongings

Toddlers want to feel like they are a part of what is going on in their environment. Give them some responsibility by asking them to separate their items to pack.

This can also be turned into a game, where your toddler feels that there is a prize to work towards.

Ask them to separate their belongings into piles. These piles can be divided into clothes, games/toys, and any other items that you think they can sort through.

They may not be able to completely pack their own belongings, but having them be part of the process accomplishes two things:

One, it helps your toddler understand the process of moving and helps them feel like they have responsibility within the moving process.

Secondly, it helps you overall by lowering the amount of work you have to do. While you may ultimately put items in boxes or suitcases, your toddler assisting in this process gives them independence and saves you some time with packing.

Teach Them About Their New Home!

If you are moving to a new city in Oregon, pull up some pictures on Google to show them some of the exciting things your new city has to offer!

Plan an activity for you to participate in shortly after arriving in your new city and hype your toddler up for that activity.

If you are moving to be closer to family, excite your toddler by talking to them about how they will have more opportunities to hang out with members of your family.

Show them photos and videos of your new Oregon home, and teach them some of the benefits of moving! Making a photo board or keeping some on your phone will help them remember and stay excited.

Have Them Pick 1 or 2 Items to Keep with Them During the Move

To help keep your toddler comfortable and grounded, allow them to take 1-2 items of comfort outside of the suitcases.

This could be a favorite blanket or stuffed animal that makes them feel calmer. Allowing them to keep out a couple of items will help keep them busy and comfortable. It can also give them something to do during “boring” times if the item is some sort of game or toy!

Strategically Pack

Pack up your children’s room last. This will help you avoid disrupting their environment. As the rest of the house changes and loses its personal touches, they can still retreat to the safety and familiarity of their bedroom.

Using a moving container from Store Blue Box makes all of your packing easier. You can pack at your own pace, slowly filling up the container as you have time. Then, pack your child’s things last. They’ll be quicker to unload this way too!


Prepare Them for an Adventure

Consider a Babysitter

If possible, bring your child to your new home separately from all of the moving chaos. If the move is close enough, see if a family member or friend can watch your toddler for the day. For a longer move, consider flying out a family member to help.

Make Sure They Are Safe

Whether you are flying or driving, make sure you are equipped with materials to keep your child safe. If they require medication, bring them with you and have them within accessible reach.

If you are flying, ask the flight crew to help make sure they are securely fastened in their seat and any strollers or car seats are able to be stored.

If you are driving, make sure your car seat is secured properly and in the correct position.

Make sure you do research before you jump into the move to make sure your bases are covered.

Keep Them Entertained

Sometimes the most difficult part of having a toddler is keeping them entertained. Without focus, they may often wander off or become frustrated out of boredom.

Make sure you have a variety of activities to keep them entertained. Do not rely solely on technology to entertain your child.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your activities or go back to basics by playing road games such as “I Spy”. Keep your child engaged so they are comfortable with the process of moving.

Part of the moving process for your child is helping them feel like they are a part of the move. While there’s a time and place for distraction, involving your child in safe ways can help occupy their mind and ease confusion.

Keep Their Routine As Close to Normal As Possible

It may be a tall order, but it is important to make sure your toddler still ascribes to a routine.

Making sure they eat and nap at approximately the same time they usually do before you moved can help them with their mood and save you travel headaches.


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