3 Reasons Why Restoration Companies Use Blue Box Portable Storage

Feb 19, 2020 | Portable Storage

Blue Box Portable Storage containers are a convenient storage solution for any restoration project. Blue Box’s commitment to customer service, quick turnaround, and overall convenience create a well-rounded storage experience.

#1. Excellent Customer Service

Our team places a high value on communication and customer service. At Blue Box, our goal is to make storage easy for you. Our customer service team is always available to answer any questions or provide solutions to issues that arise. We know that clear and concise communication is key to a successful restoration project.

#2. Quick Turnaround

A lot of factors can place a restoration project on hold, we make sure that storage does not become a holdup. Our experienced team will ensure that your project has the storage solution it needs when you need it. Through responsive customer service and a tried and true process, we can help your restoration project move along smoothly.

#3. Convenient & Easy to Use

Blue Box delivers and transports your portable storage units to provide a convenient storage solution for your restoration project. Your portable container will serve as a secure multifunctioning space for your project site. Once you wrap up your project, Blue Box will take care of the transport and storage of your unit. The less you have to worry about your storage solution the more you can focus on the project at hand.
What Our Customers’ Say
“I have worked with Chase at BlueBox for a couple of months now and I honestly wouldn’t use anyone else. Chase can get boxes onsite within a day and they’re always on time! Their customer service and communication is amazing. Very professional group of people on his team. I would highly recommend them!”


Blue Box provides a convenient, worry-free storage solution for your next restoration project. With our customer service team at your disposal and the flexibility of our portable storage units, you will have peace of mind knowing your storage needs are taken care of and focus on the project at hand.