Introducing New Portable Storage Sizes

Jan 21, 2020 | Portable Storage

Introducing New Portable Storage Sizes

BlueBox introduced two new sizes to our portable storage solution this year, 8’ x 12’ and an 8’ x 8’. The different sizes are great for smaller moves and/or small renovation projects. Maybe you are moving out of your apartment, there isn’t enough room in the complex, and you don’t have a safe & secure place to store your stuff. The two new sizes also pair well with the 8’ x 16’ when you are moving – saving you time and money (so you don’t need two 8’ x 16’s).

New 8′ x 12′ Container

The 8’ x 12’ is great for a 500-800 sq. ft space, smaller moves or renovations. This size is comparable to a 10’ x 10’ storage unit or a 15’ rental truck. With the box being smaller we can fit it more compact areas which makes it more convenient for the customer to load it and to keep out of the way.  This box could be great for college students looking to store some things for the summer or a spring clean around the house.

New 8′ x 8′ Container

The 8’ x 8’ portable unit works great for customers moving 500 sq. ft or less. This unit is comparable to a 10’ rental truck and can be really convenient with people that don’t have a lot of room at their location. This size also pairs great with an 8’x16’ unit for those that just need a little extra room when moving.

Select Your Size

BlueBox is all about convenience and finding the right solution for our customers. Having all three sizes is a way for us to fit anyone’s needs during their next move, remodel or for people looking for some extra space around the house. Click Here to Learn More.