How to Declutter Your House Before You Sell

Mar 23, 2020 | Moving Tips


Decluttering your home before you sell can be overwhelming, but it is key in preparing your home for potential buyers. When people view your home, they are trying to picture themselves living in it. This means they are looking for ample living and storage space. The more cluttered your home is, the smaller and unlivable it will seem. Here is a list of places that you should consider decluttering before your next home viewing.

10 Places to Declutter

  1. Your Home’s Entrance
    Your foyer is your home’s first impression on a buyer. Clearing out any unnecessary things such as shoes, jackets, and etc. will make the area feel larger and less messy. Consider adding somewhere for the buyer to put their jacket so that they feel more welcome.
  2. Your Living Room
    To better organize your living room, limit the number of additional objects. This includes books, magazines, picture frames, and even throw pillows or blankets. These things make the room feel smaller and cause the buyer to feel crowded.
  3. Hallways
    You want the buyer to focus on visualizing themselves in your home and nothing else. Overly decorated and personalized hallways add distraction and pull their attention away from your home.
  4. Your Kitchen
    Overwhelmed counters and messy kitchens will turn buyers away. Keep your kitchen tidy and limit the number of things on your counters. Buyers will be interested in how much pantry and fridge space your home has so clear out and organize these spaces.
  5. Closets
    Just like with your pantry and fridge, buyers will look at your closets to make sure they will have enough storage space. Organize and clean your closets to maximize the look of the space. The same goes for your hidden storage spaces such as sheds, garages, and utility closets.
  6. Bathrooms
    Clean up your bathrooms. Make sure that everything on the counter and under the counter is narrowed down to only the essentials. Put all backup toothpaste and deodorant in storage so that your cabinet space looks larger.
  7. Your Laundry Room
    Efficient laundry rooms are organized and tidy. Make sure yours is clean and that all of your cleaning supplies are orderly.
  8. Play areas
    Varying types of homeowners will be visiting your home. To ensure that all types of buyers feel at home, store all kid’s toys. Not only will it help the buyer focus on the space, but it will also make playrooms less cluttered.
  9. Home Office
    If you have an office, buyers will be very interested in looking at it. Tidy up your workspace and make it somewhere people would want to work.
  10. Outdoor spaces
    Even before stepping in your home, buyers will form an opinion of it based on the curb appeal. Make sure your outdoor spaces are well taken care of. This means caring for any grass, plants, and flowers. Store any outdoor toys like bikes that will add to the clutter of your yards.

Where to Store Your Items

While decluttering it is important to have an easily accessible storage unit. With Blue Box’s Portable Storage Units you can take your time deciding what to store while showing your home and then have the pod taken away when prospective buyers are visiting. Our portable storage units make the whole selling and buying process easier. When you do sell your home and are ready to move, your storage unit can be taken back to your home, loaded up, and taken to your new home.