Our 3 Core Values

Customer Experience

We’re obsessed with making BlueBox the easiest, the friendliest and the most convenient part of whatever project our customer is taking on.

Boring Basics

We have extreme focus and execute on the most basic aspects of our job daily

Create Value

Find meaningful ways to stay engaged, don’t fear success, and allow yourself to grow by learning new things.

The Customer Experience

We Are Local

All our locations have operations and dispatch that are local. Our customers are provided direct contacts for their corresponding dispatch center. Meaning, you don’t have to remain on hold to speak with someone in some far away call center to help you. In fact, we welcome you to stop in and say hello!

We Make It Easy

Convenience, fast delivery times, easy to understand pricing, durable containers, safe and secure delivery systems—these are just some of the things that provide our customers with incredible value during their time with BlueBox

We Communicate

Text, email, or call—whatever your preference is for communication, we’re ready for it and you’ll be hearing from us.

The Boring Basics

Nothing Fancy

Our product is simple. We deliver storage containers while providing an awesome customer experience

Keeping It Simple

The best services and the best products are the ones that are the easiest and most convenient to use

Every Day, Every Day

Repeating the basics takes discipline and focus but that is what the best companies do

Create Value

Question Things

We question “the old ways” and wonder how we can do them better. Why do things have to be as they are?

Enjoy Learning New Skills

It’s time to take on that new challenge. Know that its going to suck at first but with persistent effort you will get better

Mistakes Are Part Of It

Mistakes are part of trying new things—just don’t make the same mistake twice and try to learn from other peoples

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