Our 3 Guarantees

1. Secure Delivery and Transportation

Your BlueBox will always stay level during our loading and unloading process.

BlueBoxes are fitted for tie down straps making the self-loading process seamless and easy.

See How It works:

2. Insane Customer Service

Communicate, communicate, communicate—you might get tired of hearing from us but we won’t get tired of hearing from you!

We understand the stress of moving and life changes, therefore, we focus entirely on you and the customer experience.

Changes along the way will happen and we are flexible to whatever bumps you experience in your journey.

3. So Fresh, So Clean

Each BlueBox is thoroughly washed and cleaned out prior to reuse—no more stinky self-storage lockers or old moving trucks. Enjoy a fresh smelling and clean BlueBox to secure your most valuable possessions.


Your possessions are valuable and they deserve the utmost care and security. If your BlueBox shows up and does not fit your standards of cleanliness, then we will immediately replace the BlueBox with a new container.

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