How does portable storage work?

Oct 1, 2019 | Portable Storage

What is Portable Storage?

Portable storage provides a perfect balance between convenience and efficiency. The unit is dropped off then you load the unit at your own pace. After the unit is filled, it is taken to the location of your choice, either to your new residence or our secure warehouse to be stored. Our offloading system allows the unit to be placed just about anywhere. The ground-level design provides an easy, rampless loading and unloading process.

Who uses Portable Storage?

Whatever your storage need is, portable storage can be a great flexible option. This storage option is especially great for people who are:

    • Moving
    • Home staging for a potential sale
    • People who need extra space for their things but still want it at their doorstep
    • Commercial businesses that need storage for overstock items
    • Remodels
    • Restoration disasters

The Benefits of Portable Storage

There are a variety of other benefits along with the general convenience of portable storage. It is the perfect solution for short term storage. Whenever you pack your unit, it can be taken away to our facility for however long you need. Since the unit is at ground level and brought to your location, loading and unloading is easy and rampless. Portable storage is more affordable than a moving service and allows you to move at your own pace.

How Does It Work?

  1. You set up a drop off time
  2. We deliver the BlueBox to your location
  3. You pack the unit at your pace
  4. We load it up
  5. We pick it up and take it to your desired location

Why BlueBox?

The convenience of having the unit show up on your doorstep by making a simple phone call, makes the BlueBox experience stand out. BlueBox’s equipment ensures that the unit is level when loading it and unloading it, both protecting your belongings and making the process smooth. We differentiate ourselves in our industry by keeping our service local. When you call you are going to speak to someone that is here in Salem, not a call center. We are proud to serve Salem and provide great storage solutions to the residents in the area.

The BlueBox experience is most unique because of the convenience of having the unit just show up on your doorstep by just making a simple phone call. We are different from any other company in our industry because when you call you are going to speak to someone (Myself) that is here in Salem not some call center. the equipment that we use very unique and always keeps your BlueBox leave when loading it and unloading it.