Self Storage



You bring your stuff to our secure storage facility.

BlueBox Self Storage has 24-hour camera surveillance system, which means the valuable processions in your self-storage unit are always being watched and looked after by our team. Have peace of mind with your things being stored at BlueBox Self Storage.


BlueBox Self Storage Units are American made all steel containers. The self-storage units are waterproof, pest-proof, and ventilated. Unlike traditional self-storage, BlueBox Self Storage containers do not share walls with neighboring storage containers. Instead, BlueBox Self Storage units are independently built from one another and they have sealed-double swinging doors—unlike the typical roll up doors you see at traditional Storage Facilities. The self-storage units are rated for 10,000 lbs!


Access is important when your possessions are being stored in a storage unit. At BlueBox Storage, we have a gated front entrance that allows customers access to their BlueBox Storage Unit whenever convenient for them. Also, the BlueBox Self Storage facility is very easy to pull large trailers into, back out with a trailer, turning around, and loading your self-storage unit or trailer. Moreover, we are conveniently located on the corner of Kuebler and Turner rd in South Salem.


BlueBox Storage has some of the best rates for a self-storage unit in Salem, Oregon. BlueBox Self Storage units are large, durable, and very affordable.