Mobile Storage

How It Works.

8' x 16' unit

Mobile Storage

We deliver. We pick up. You save.
$185/ mo
Local Moves

We know that moving can be stressful, but with mobile storage it makes the journey a whole lot easier. We deliver a BlueBox container to your home, then you fill up the mobile storage unit at your leisure—or use your moving company to fill the unit.

Once you are finished and you need the container delivered to your new residence, contact BlueBox and we will pick up your BlueBox and deliver it to your new home. Contact us again when your BlueBox container is empty and we will come and pick it up.

Need Extra Space

Mobile Storage provides an instant solution to creating extra storage space at your location. BlueBox delivers a mobile storage unit to your location using our patented MULE Delivery system. This system allows us to place the BlueBox container almost wherever is convenient for you at your location. BlueBox storage units fit comfortably on driveways, under carports, backyards, curbsides, you name it—we can deliver.

Now enjoy the benefits of having a durable, weather and pest proof, storage unit at your location. Once you are done and the container is empty, contact BlueBox and we will come and pick it up.


You need extra storage space at your home to finally get to that remodel which you have been waiting to-do? Mobile storage is a great way to go. BlueBox will drop the container at your house—wherever you need it—giving you access to the storage space during the remodel.

If you need the BlueBox Container throughout your remodel—awesome—if not, then we will come and pickup the BlueBox container and have it stored in our warehouse while you complete your remodel. Once finished with your remodel, contact us and we will drop off your BlueBox unit.

Mobile Storage

BlueBox is a small, local, and affordable mobile storage company. Mobile storage has changed the game of storage but still remains unknown to many people who require this service. Our BlueBox mobile storage unit shows up quickly, can be placed almost anywhere at your location, and then allows you the leisure to fill the storage unit at your own convenience.

Depending on your needs, BlueBox customers have the option to either store their BlueBox container at their location or they can take advantage of the BlueBox warehouse in South Salem and have their storage unit picked up and stored there.